sabato 15 aprile 2017


Hi there,

Please don't jump into the conclusion that I am yet another spamster who wants to invite you to yet another dating agency or
may be into some fraudulent activity. But I rather want to invite you to this premium dating agency where I and hundreds and
thousands of beautiful ladies from Russia and other neighboring countries have enlisted in search of their future love.

And when I say true love, I really mean it, because I am truly bored of all these playboys and gigolos who are in search of short
term affairs and fun. From my early teenage to the present day I always believed in true love and a partner for whole life.

I am Alexandra or Sasha in short; a young, timid yet well accomplished, blue eyed girl from Russia.
I am from the city of Ivanovo, which is also known as the city of brides.

Want to tell you straightaway that I am not in search of sponsors and neither do I want to be one.
I want to find someone matching my tastes and views, who can melt my heart on the first date itself with his character,
looks and intelligence.

I want you to meet me by joining this website and after you do so I sincerely hope that you will find my profile.
So don't waste time and click here

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